De Friese Elf Steden

Snelle Hendrik uit Deinze test zelfbedachte fietsendrager in Friesland

Vlaamse machinehandelaar in hoog tempo langs Friese Elfsteden op Zwitserse Stromer

SNEEK (NL) – Hendrik De Keukeleire uit het Belgische Deinze bij Gent koopt, reviseert en verkoopt wereldwijd gebruikte metaalbewerkingsmachines. APT International heet zijn bedrijf met meer dan 2.000 machines op voorraad. In Friesland doet hij al jaren zaken met Rein van der Valk van Valk Machines in Lemmer. In zijn vrijetijd fietst hij en hoe!

Hendrik De Keukeleire volgt in Friesland het spoor van beroemde schaatsers op een Stromer speed e-bike.

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City Hall and Antiquities Room

Stadhuis Bolsward moet museale topattractie worden

The City Hall is built in renaissance style and rich decorated with sculptures. The striking flight of steps in rococo stile was added to its front in 1768. The city hall became the venue for trading, administration of law and town council. Not only the exterior, but also the interior is really worth admiring. The Council Chamber and the Tribunal Room being treasures from the far removed past. The Antiquities Room gives an overview of the history of the city and houses many unique artefacts and paintings.

You can visit the City Hall and Antiquities Room on workdays from April 1st till November 1st. Free entrance.


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Publicatiedatum: 2 februari 2015
Reporter: Albert Hendriks - Friesland Holland Nieuwsdienst -

Franeker (Frjentsjer):

The home town of the world-famous planetarium

De Martenastins waar Museum Martena sinds 2006 is gevestigd werd in 1506 gebouwd in opdracht van edelman Hessel van Martena.
The Martena Museum, a former ‘stins’, provides visitors with an insight into Franeker’s rich history.

Franeker, famous for its Planetarium and for being the home town of the singer Nienke, is a town with broad streets and deep gardens. The terp village of Franeker acquired a charter in 1290.

In the period between 1492 and 1506, the town became the place of residence of the Stadholder Albrecht van Saksen and his son. They were also responsible for the construction of the town’s moat and its bulwarks and gates. The Martenahuis was also built in around the same time (1498). This building is the best preserved ‘stins’ (fortified home for the gentry) in Franeker. The Cammingahuis, which now houses the Friesland Bank, is also a ‘stins’ dating from the 14th century.
The gothic Martini church (which dates from around 1421) with its choir stalls and wall paintings is further evidence that Franeker used to be a wealthy town.

A centre of learning
The university, which was founded in Franeker in 1585, was originally a monastery dating from 1468. It was the second university in the Netherlands, after Leiden, which was founded ten years earlier.
From the end of the 16th century onwards, the university in Franeker started attracting a great many distinguished academics. This is clear to see In the Voorstraat, where the houses have huge gardens.

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