Museum Warkums Erfskip

Workum pottery
In the museum, Warkums Erfskip, located in the Waag [weighhouse] at the Merk [market square], there is a large collection of original Workum pottery from the Aardewerkfabriek [Pottery] R.F. de Boer to be seen. In late 2005, potter Rintje Freerks de Boer stopped making this typical pottery which is reddish brown in colour with so-called region-specific ‘ringeloorversiering’ which is a pottery technique whereby thin strands of uni or multicoloured clays are turned onto the surface of the pot. He was the last descendant from a family of potters that since around 1670 produced all kinds of utile pottery in Workum, including drainpipes and red stone flower pots and scored earthenware. Info:

Jopie Huisman, the Rembrandt of Friesland

JopiehuismanA “must” if you’re in Workum: visit the Jopie Huisman Museum located at It Noard which houses the works of the in 2000 deceased trader in scrap metal and clothing and artist, Jopie Huisman.
You do not have to be an art expert to be impressed by the work and colourful life philosophy of the Frisian self-taught painter. The world famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn would, if Jopie had lived 400 years ago, no doubt have been fascinated by his artistic achievements. These are unbelievable! And, whosoever has no feeling for art but can nevertheless appreciate a racy representation of a life amidst clutter and nature, unusual people and culture, then he or she will be fully satisfied after a visit to his museum. The art house collects, preserves and exhibits drawings, paintings and sources of inspiration of the painter who lived in Friesland from 1922 to 2000.
The arts domain also offers a generous look into the fascinating life of the cordial painter who clung for dear life to his hand-rolled cigarette, humour, art, music, true and far-fetched tales and antics of, often notable, friends. Make some time for him and Workum, it is otherwise guaranteed that you will miss out an otherwise fantastic experience!